Can’t let go

The junior members of the Underground Souls were down, coach shakeydog had informed them he would be leaving them at the end of the season. Not only were they going to lose the coach they so adored but they would also be forced to give up their place in the MML PRO league where they had been playing for the last few seasons.

Monument, the long standing thrower who the rest of the players looked up to approached the coach “I don’t understand boss, we have been together for 6 seasons during which you have guided us to The Pro’s, made the playoffs and exceeded all expectations, why won’t you continue to coach us?”

Coach shakeydog thought carefully before responding, “it’s been great coaching this team, we have had ups and down but we have always come through it together, but it comes down to two things, gold and and prestige”. There is a new league, MML reborn, a chance to test myself against the some of the best coaches around with rookie players, to really show I don’t need top players to win, they are also paying double what our stingy owners are paying”. “I have a couple of offers and as soon as this season is done I’m off”.

Monument pushed past the coach on his way out of the office, “we will show you what we can really do” he muttered under his breathe.

Since the announcement the Souls had really turned it on, an unlucky draw with some murderous chorfs, an impressive trouncing of the Firesalamanders capped by a crunching win over long time rivals Golden Discipline. After the latest victory the coach entered the dressing room to rapturous scenes, warpstone pipes filled the air with an intoxicating vapour, “he’s here” shouted Poplar, one of the goblins, before he was carried around the room and then dumped in the corner. Monument came and sat beside him and handed him a pipe. I can’t give this up said shakeydog, reborn will have to wait, I’m not done with you guys yet.


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