Celebration Time

It was completely silent when Boss Zidjey entered the lockers after the match against the Highelves from Red Die Redemption. A silence no outsider could understand, because the Orcs just won that game and they were not known for celebrating quiet. But since the Orcs formed a tribe, with Zidjey as their leader, nothing would happen without his word. When the Boss entered every Orc looked straight to him. Zidjey grabbed himself a chair, put it in the middle of the room and he climbed on top of it. “I told you… I TOLD YOU! This will be the year of Orc! This will be our year! And we put up a perfect start today. I don’t care much about the problems we had. We can speak about that in the training tomorrow and try to get even better. But today we want to celebrate! I am proud of each and everyone of you and I want to say one more thing: WELCOME! Welcome to Louise! She proved how important she will be to our team.” Every member of the tribe cheered to welcome Louise in their rows. Then Boss Zidjey spoke one more time. “To celebrate I got a special surprise for you… I ordered a few kegs of the best dwarfen brewed beer I could get so fast! And it’s all for you guys! So, let the party start!” A few Goblins were rolling in the kegs of beer and the Orcs did not lose time to smash them in and fill their mugs with the golden liquid inside.

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