Champion Misfits

       The final whistle went.  Oops grabbed the ball from a fan and turned back down the pitch after the winning touchdown.  The fans where cheering screaming Misfits!! Misfits!!!   Did this just happen?  A team for 12 seasons and never making playoffs just win the championship?   The heavyweights had stood tall fought hard and tough.  No one gave the Misfits a shot in the first two rounds and a lot didn’t think they had a chance against the undefeated lizards.  Yet here we are 2-1 winners.

    The Misfits walked over to the lizards and extended their hands and thanked them all for the game.  Trish Rustlust stepped to the middle of the pitch to receive the trophy!   

    Coach coach how do you feel after the win?

   I feel fine pumped for the boys and excited to celebrate in Magrita with are fans!

   Coach how did the team take the sudden retirement of Remy?

    We were a little shocked to say the least.  Heading into the game vs SRO without Remy and his tail shook us but the boys rallied and won the game for Remy!

   Coach why the sudden retirement?

   The docs advised him that his niggled back was only going to get worse and will cripple him soon rather then later.  They said they had a special ooze in the lab that might save his back and restore his movement.  If this works I think he could play blood bowl again.

   Coach how proud are you of Trish Rustlust and his consecutive game streak for the Misfits?   

   Well what can I say.  He’s never missed a game for us and always gets up in the other teams face.  He works hard and I think this win will help show he’s a hall of fame player.  104 games played with stats of some of the best chaos warriors to ever play in the MML.  He’s been are captain for a long time and never gets the spot light he should.  But that’s how this team is we aren’t flashy or even really noticeable.  We’ve been around along time.

   Coach what’s the plan for the Misfits in the future?

   Well we’ll go and celebrate with are fans and former players and then get ready for S19.  We have a new rookie that has joined the team and played well in the finals to earn his spot.  We’re also bringing in a new player that will help fill Remy’s role to a degree.  The Misfits are here to stay and defend are title.

     Coach what does this do for the so called “chaosnation”?

   Well is simple really.  It shows the younger teams that chaos can win championships.  We’re the second team to do it now after the great Bill Cower Power Hour and were honored to share in that.  Practice and be patient and in time they can be great.  We may not run fast or pull a lot of bs but we do win championships and I think even some records.  Couch couch passing record (BCPH).  I’m proud to bring this win back to the nation and together I hope to see more success for the others!   Now I thank you all for supporting and cheering for us over the years and we’ll see you all on the pitch in S19!!

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