Champions cup: the Blitzkriegers

  1. I was living a simple life, growing my vegies and choping wood around Magrita suburbs. All this crazyness about Blood Bowl and MML (brrrr! So much slaughters at that time, it still makes me shiver) was far behind me and that was for the best. I even almost forgot about Gaesmal and all his “strategies”, so let’s say in one word: that was happiness.
But one day, a weird thing happened: as I threw a bunch of logs, I heard an “ouch” sound coming from them. I retried, and again, “ouch!”. Well! One more try? “OUCH! ENOUGH!” Good lord! Wood is alive?! I started to apologize, to ask what could I do to heal them, but they never answered. Instead of that, a man woke up from beneath the logs, shaked his dusted clothes and came to me. He looked familiar, but hey! Everyone does; with their two arms and two legs, I must admit it has always been tough for me to make a difference between to people with precision.
“Hello, Stunty.
– Errrrr Hello?
– Time to go back to business.
– Listen, I was drunk that night and I…
– I’m talking about Blood Bowl. The MML.
– Oh! (relief) You must be mistaking, I quitted MML a long time ago now and…
– Thunden.
– Argh!
– More_Shots.
– Noooo!
– All this pain…
– Stop please, stop!
– Don’t you want an occasion to get a revenge for all those defeats?
– Errrr… no?
– Yes you do.
– Who the hell are you??”
The guy took of his hood, and  the sight of his face hit me like an uppercut, some many memories coming back to my mind. Gaesmal! I punched him. “hey!
– Sorry, reflex. Some things will never change.
– Boss, we’ve got an occasion to go back to MML with the Blitzkriegers, just one more time, just to get the success I… sorry the success we deserved!
– Do we really deserve success?
– Obviously. Plus I must say  being your losing assistant ruined my carreer: who would hire a coach that never wins? I need to work, and you’ll help me; Blitzkriegers will help me!
– I’m too busy here.
– There’s a reward.
– Let’s go.”
And this is how I finally quit that miserable life of choping and eating vegies. Doing this is cool for hollidays, but an entire life?? I like rather blood, sweat and tears of Blood Bowl. First we had to go seek for our former players. I must admit their new lives were also quite surprising.
Banlaen had become an exotic dancer in a creepy goblin bar. Lildhil, after working a short time as a mercenary, became a quantum mechanics teacher. I looked like being happy, but a bit worried about that the fact that he was still waiting for his first student.
Others? Well, let’s just say their new life weren’t better than the other two. So they logically all agreed to go back to MML for this tournament. But let’s call it as what it really is to us: they all agreed to take a chance to get… our redemption.

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