Champions Cup – The Welsh River Rats

I woke and opened my Blitz mail…  I read the title – Champions Cup

What is this?  I am the current champion I know, but that team I left behind….  is this a ploy? A ruse by the sneaky underhanded Rats to get me back on board?

No I was wrong, an invitation for the best of the best to throw down and compete for the title of Champion of Champion.

This is an interesting proposition,  I beat the former champion in the final, these Rats beat the number 1 seed and the current Champion, and still the organisation try to take my credentials….   I was the under dog vs the Orcs and number 1 seed,  I was the underdog vs the Chaos Dwarfs, I was the underdog vs the Dwarfs and current champions at the time. I could have fielded two teams with inducement moneys and still they feel the need to have another round to try crown a different champion…

What is this…  this is unacceptable…  I look at my previous roster,  players broken having given their all, a Fired Storm vermin fired for the best as he couldn’t make the final…  I’ve been conned, only one man is behind this…  he dodged me in the Group switching with Alma just before the start of the season, or did he just not want to face me…

This is my time, I do this not to give credit to the cup, for I am the champion, the True champion, by joining this cup I give them rights to discredit future champions, but I join for one reason and one reason only.. Coach Thunden,   I want to be the Coach that puts him out,   I want to be the Coach that shows his title win was down to me not playing in the Pros.

I pick up that proverbial gauntlet and smile… I’m coming for you and I’m coming to prove I am the true champion.

The MML has been placed of full alert…

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