Change in Management for Punchers

Coach Kargob opens the letter, it’s exactly what he expected.  He solemnly calls the entire team into the meeting room for an emergency meeting.  The tension is looming like an thunderous cloud.  Everyone knows the only time when there’s emergency meeting means there’s bad news.  Who’s getting cut, who’s gonna be flayed as an example, or who’s gonna be transferred to a nurgle team.  Coach Kargob stands up on his chair, still shorter than a bull, says in his renown thick dwarven accent he kept from before he was chaos ridden.  “I’m sorry men but I must resign, the investors saw our performance and decided we didn’t perform up to their standards.  I showed them the great plays you guys made and convince them to not cut any of you.  They say it only fit to “release” me if it wasn’t your guys fault.”  Everyone is awestruck, Kargob was a renown chaos dwarf Coach.  Often known for his punch first ask questions later play style.  “I have a replacement I specially picked out for you guys.  He’s the best I know.”  In walks in a pompous brettonnian man with a decorative suit of armor own.  Standing mighty he says “I’m am your new coach Merovich.  Kargob walks out, as he does the room instantly descends into chaos.  Tables and chair being thrown.  Roof tiles falling out, a chorf being thrown through the wall.  Merovich proclaim in a noble voice “Men, and fellow beasts.  We are a team, Kargob left me in charge for your benefits not mine, we need to hold up his legacy and improve everywhere we didn’t do great last season.  What do ya say?”  Everyone looks wistfully at Merovich, then approximately five seconds later everyone continues to cause chaos.  How will Merovich control these beasts he has to call a team?

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