Changing of the Guard

Somewhere in the forgotten mountains the revered and once hall of fame bound coach Vince Limbsbardi winner of seven mega cups contemplated his revenge. After having lost to the halfling Greenfield Grasshuggers team in the final game of the 1583 season, the Liche King humiliated in front of the entire undead kingdom flew into a rage and fired Limbsbardi on the spot. He was stripped of his coaching status robbed of his necromantic powers and exiled forever.  Now in the solitude of his cave Limbsbardi focused on how to best punish the world of the living, who he blamed for his disgrace, and how to reclaim his lost glory and prove to the Liche KIng that he was the best Necromantic Blood Bowl creator and coach of all time.

His one last chance was the old black magic taught to him by his father before it was banned for being too unpredictable.  He had one magic spore left locked away for just such an emergency.  He could see no other way and so he swallowed it down and felt the rush of dark energy surge through him once again. He proceeded to created one last Necromantic team who would take his revenge to the pitch of the living and any others who stood in their way.  But alas the dark powers that allowed him to create his vehicle of revenge required a price be paid and so Coach Limbsbardi began to fade away. In his final moments realizing he would not be there to see his revenge come to fruition he uttered his final words to the team that they carry with them into every game. “Remember, revenge is a dish best served in large portions”.

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