Changing Perceptions

Don’t let the fake news about us fool you  as a lot of what you’ve probably heard about us has come from internet trolls and lazy blog posters.  We have been looking for a way to get some activity, meet new people, and remake the image of our family and the Overlook Hotel.  That is when our former caretaker and current resident Mr. Grady suggested we start playing blood bowl and do so in the highest profile league in the world in MML.  He personally knew the commissioner of the league and handled all the registration for us.

We can’t wait to meet everyone in the league and you can see for yourself that those horrible stories simply are a vicious attack without merit.  As part of joining the league we are offering everyone associated with it and their families discounted rates to join us for a stay at the Overlook!  We have so many amenities here on the property you may just never leave!  These include:

– Dinner and dancing in our world famous Gold Room where Lloyd the Bartender keeps the cocktails flowing until the wee hours

– Cooking classes with our esteemed Chef Halloran

– For all of you aspiring authors out there we have the most scenic and serene areas in and around the hotel to really inspire you on finishing that novel you’ve always dreamed of!

– And last be not least for the kids we have our unique red colored pool located next to the lobby right by the elevators and a 10,000 sq foot maze for them to explore!  We even have night time adventure tours through the maze led by our own Jack Torrance that is sure to leave your child with an experience they will never forget!

We are so excited to get started so please feel free to approach us before any game and you will see for yourself exactly who we are.  In addition we can discuss the league discount to the hotel and will have pamphlets and brochures readily available as well.  You can also visit our website and see room layouts, photo galleries, etc.  Again that’s


Best of luck to everyone!

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