Chorfs New Secret Weapon

Fun Sized Punchers employ dwarven engineering to craft new player

News from Coach Asher’s preseason camp today indicates that a new type of player may be making it’s way onto the pitch next season.

Hitting the drawing boards, the chaos dwarves managed cut a deal with their hated cousins in order to field a bull centaur with a deathroller attachment. The player (John Deere), underwent a surgical procedure to have the contraption attached to his forearms.

When asked about the procedure, Coach Asher said the process was “Exciting and mildly disturbing,” adding that he hopes the player can not only become an integral part of his team but also assist in grounds maintenance.

“John’s a great guy, really a team player. He knew what he was getting into and felt like it was his responsibility to become one with roller. Unfortunately the hobgoblins are poking a bit of fun at him, attaching tassels to the roller when he’s sleeping. It’s an adjustment for everyone.”

John was unavailable for comment, as he is currently moonlighting with various road crews.

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