CL Final Just Score Exclusive!

The MML rumour mill has exploded in the run up to the MML Challenge league final this evening after an anonymous source leaked crucial InGen strategy on our Just_Score website.
This paragraph was posted with just moments to go before kick off:

“Inside sources reveal International Genetics will be bringing in a star player to boost the chances for their Apocalypse team in the final! The manager has tried to keep this under wraps as it might not be entirely legal!!”

The spokesperson for InGen we were able to contact just minutes ago gave this statement:

“These kinds of fake leaks are normal before a big match. InGen conforms to all MML regulations and any rumours of impropriety are entirely false. Regarding inducements we will have to wait and see won’t we?”

This reporter detected a coy note in his response and is eager to see just what players line up on the pitch!

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