Close, but no cigar – yet!

As Season 15 of the MML draws to a close DwarfGiant takes time to reflect on a season of near misses. A season that had promised so much but in the end had resulted in the King’s narrowly missing out on the playoffs again.

The season had, had some high points. Coach Makaf had certainly increased the teams brutality – they led the league in casualties inflicted. They had qualified for a bowl game for the fourth time which at least gave the team a chance of finally winning some silver ware.

There had been season defining moments. The Wood Chippers managing to sneak a late touchdown in the first half resulting in a draw, RAN, somehow managing to keep the King’s locked in the dressing room and blitzing to score a touchdown before the Kings had even had time to find their position on the field.

But it had also had it’s highs. Losing only the one game, winning against the two time MML Pro champ’s the Ubersreik Flamers, beating Dio’s Midgets on Geheimesnacht and an unlikely, yet no less extravagant, touchdown late on against the Nordic All Stars.

Despite this DwarfGiant was not too despondent. With a transfer to replace one of his ageing, battle weary Black Orcs the squad would surely push hard for a playoff spot next season. However, DwarfGiant couldn’t shake the feeling he had taken this squad of gnarled veterans as far as he could.

DwarfGiant tucked in to his thick sandwich containing a dubious looking meat, muttering to himself. ‘One more season, give me one more season and we’ll see if we can do it. After that… we’ll see.’

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