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The past few weeks for coach of the week we have highlighted some of the newer coaches that have been going the extra mile with announcing and other media items.  This week we will award the coach of the week for something different.

This week we highlight a coach that went WAY above and beyond in his efforts to give his opponent a fair game.  The game was attempted 3 times before it was able to be completed fully.  Much effort was done by both coaches to make it happen.  But this week’s Coach of the Week goes to Beerz1313 for the great sportsmanship he displayed this week.

In a sport where kicking a man when he’s down is sometimes part of the game, you rose above it and helped your fellow coach when he was in need.  Things may not have panned out your way on the field this week.  But off the field you are a winner in our eyes.

Check back in next week to find out what MML coach will be highlighted as Coach of the Week!

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