Death or Glory!

Silence, that was all you heard from the locker room. What a weird sound… you heard absolutely nothing. Usually the Orcs celebrated after wins or loudly discussed or fought after losing a match. But not today. Not after the loss in their first ever Play-Off match… in the first round. That hurt. It hurt much and it was a pain this team was not used to. But suddenly the door slammed open and Coach Zidjey stepped into the room. All the Orcs raised their heads and looked into the eyes of their Coach. He climbed on top of a chair and started to talk. “I am proud of each and every one of you. You know why? Because this was the best season we ever had! We made the Play Offs in our third year since this team came together. Yes, we lost today. But we should remind how we celebrated after we reached the Play Offs. We should remind the great battled we had. We only lost two matched out of eight. And for me this whole season was a blast. It made me hungry! And I want more. I want to taste more of this delicious food called winning. And I know you want to be fed more.” He stopped for a moment to see if there was any reaction, but his team did not raise. They kept sitting.

After a short while Subber, the team captain raised himself up and walked next to Coach Zidjey. “We trust in Zidjey. We trust in leader. Today trust was not enough. Orcs were not enough. Gremgol leaving. We lose member. Orcs even less now.” The face of Subber had a serious manner and the rest of the team looked at the two. Zidjey jumped down from the chair and stood right in front of Subber. “You are right. Today we were not enough. But we will learn to be better and come back stronger. We fought every battle so far and we will keep fighting. And since you mentioned Gremgol, who will leave us, I want to introduce you to someone most of you already know.” Zidjey turned around and opened the door he slammed shut when he walked in. Before that door stood Taz Knochenbrecher, the old Black Orc leader of the Tribe.

The massive Orc walked in the room and looked around. “Taz can’t believe what Taz’s ears hear. Taz fought! Day and night Taz fought! Taz only goal was to come back. Taz wanted to be back with Taz’s tribe. But Tribe surrenders? Orcs surrender?” The Orc stopped talking and let loose a massive roar. “We Orcs! We never surrender! We fight! We take lives! And we win! Death or Glory!” The whole team raised and roared at the now back Black Orc. Their roar became one as they kept shouting and the noise they made was unbelievable. Taz then started to switch from roaring to start a chant. “Brecher, Brecher, Brecher!” the massive Black Orc kept repeating and the Tribe did as he did. The whole scenario was going for quite a while and after that the Team, including Gremgol, smashed open some kegs and drank together some of the best dwarfen beer they were able to pillage.

Coach Zidjey did not go with his team on the celebration tour. The Coach sat together with Samui and the two talked about the future of the team, new strategies and the goals for the next season…

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