“Here we go again….. let me guess, you want to enslave us? ” Eilivaror shouted across the field at the assembled Dwarves, horsemen and associated Gobbo’s of dubious parentage. “Actually, no, we want to humiliate you and capture the hairy beast to sell to our very good customers, the squirrel worshippers” replied a Dwarf with an evil grin. “right lets get to it then, i assume you have a ball?” one is produced a coin is tossed and the Norse are kicking…… these Dwarves seem to have weird names, no matter, we will show them how we have taken their game and made it our own….

The ball goes up, and the Norse go down, 3 guys prone including one hit by a bull, he looks a little dazed….then, didn’t see that coming, a dwarf steps on a Norseman, no damage but the stage is set. A howler sets about a horseman and runs over to cover the ball only to be flattened by the other bull, Fluffy looks over to see what the fuss is and gets blind sided, she’s down!! again a dwarf stamps on a Norseman. A runner, Sturla? its hard to see, slams the ball carrier to the ground and the ball is free…a (Hob) goblin tries to slap a Norse, gets a mouthful of forehead and is carried from the pitch, that’s a start thinks Eilivaror as he dives into the fray “get the ball, get the ball!!” someone, a lineman ( that’s how we think of them now, not crewmen) picks it up and heads into the dwarves half of the pitch. The dwarves panic and let the Norse knock one of their number over, in the stunned lull the Norseman runs deeper, or away from most of the dwarves more accurately……Fluffy stays prone, a Jarl heads over to see if she’s ok he gets slapped down and carried off the pitch. a Horseman (Bull centre???) runs down towards the ball carrier but cannot reach, man those guys can move!! but he’s safe right? nope from under his armour a dwarf line points a slender wand and with a flash the man is down, smoke gently curling from his hair, the ball bounces in to the waiting Bulls hands, almost like they planned it!! “Oh, come on guys”, Eilivaror protest is met by jeers and hoots of laughter as the bull starts back up the pitch, however, that sort of unsporting behaviour rarely goes unpunished and as he fumbles to put away his wand ( 🙂 ) he is subjected to a very angry Fluffy slamming him into the pitch and out of the game. Fluffy rampage continues as she thunders towards the ball carrier only to trip at the last minute and fall at his feet, the bull cannot break free however and in the dying seconds of the half the dwarves floor several Norse and Fluffy stuns another dwarf.

The half time break is a frosty affair with Eilivaror complaining about illegal procedures and the dwarves pointing out that 2 of their number are not coming back, off we go again, a player gets under the ball and catches it, lets get this finished…..Fluffy pushes a bull but fails to knock him over, in reply she gets stunned by the bull with a couple of mates, whilst they are distracted the Norse push up and repay the favour by stepping on a gobbo slave, unfortunately he slips free and no damage is caused. Fluffy lays another dwarf out and Twerks him to little effect.

A gobbo slave barrels into the ball carrier but only pushes him, Fluffy gets up and tries to hit the bull but he sees it coming and flattens her.

The ball carrier is downed and a gobbo gets the ball only for Sturla to flatten him in turn, a dwarf gets a smack in the mouth and goes off the pitch seeing stars…The dwarves pick up the ball again only to be tripped trying to move away and hurts himself, A howler then hammers a gobbo and he’s carted off the pitch, the remaining bull pushes the howler away and a worried looking gobbo picks up the ball only to be flattened, Fluffy slams into a dwarf stunning him, the ball is picked up again but the gobbo offered it doesn’t want it and again its on the floor!!

“STOP” Eilivaror shouts and Dwarves, Gobbo’s Norse and howlers all comply “…and you” he says as Fluffy move towards a worried looking dwarf. “this is getting us nowhere, look, your not getting Fluffy, we can do this all day guys, its not happening” He hopes they don’t realise how tired his guys are, on the verge of exhaustion……..”now, grab your injured and sod off, we are leaving, don’t try to follow us”

The dwarves look at their diminished numbers and the determined look in the Norse faces and with a shrug they start to troop off, one turns and point ” see you all again soon, this is not over” and with that he’s gone…

Its mid morning, we are knackered and there’s an abandoned building, looks like a tower of some kind over there, lets get some rest and if I’ve got the directions right tomorrow we will find the elves.. Eilivaror settles down against a wall, bit creepy but out of the wind and dry, lets get some rest.

He’s woken some time later, its dusk and the light is failing fast…… Fluffy roars again, he looks over the broken wall, the hairs on the back of his neck are standing up…… looks like all his bad decisions have come back to haunt him, and they are wearing sports kit……

….to be continued…..


  1. Nice story, glow. Don’t forget to link this when you post the next one. ‘ball goes up, norse go down’ – should be the descripion on the team selection screen.

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