Dem Teef Boyz

Warboss Bagrud Longtoof bore down on the captured Dwarf. “A game” he snarled bearing his huge teeth and spilling his grog. Bagrud does love his grog.
Bagrud wasn’t the largest of Orcs but demanded the respect of his tribe. Simply dreesed but adorned in the teef of his fallen foes.
“Us Orc’s dun’t playz gamez”
As the Orc’s had only landed their ships on the shores of the Sour Sea recently, they had no understanding of “Blood Bowl”.
Bagrud sent his Captains to the tribes of the Worlds Edge Mountains to discuss this “game”.
Once returned, his Captains reported back on a game of violence and glory. Bagrud smiled a huge tooth filled, “Time to add dem teef to da collection boyz” which was followed by screams and cheers alike. Long did the celebration continue and Dem Teef Boyz were formed.

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