Devil comes to town…

The season had ended well for coach Girth and his band of deathless performers and in an amazing turn if events they had been called up to the big time-the Pros!
Whilst this was great news indeed, coach Girth feared his plucky ex thespians would be overwhelmed and he knew only too well how strong (brutal?) the teams in the top flight could be-reinforcements where definitely needed.

Girth had scored the other leagues for someone who could come in and make a difference but time and again he missed out on his man and it seemed fate was against him him….

Just then a loud KNOCK KNOCK came at the door.


Girth called

In Stroud a menacing figure, with piercing  eyes that cut through Girth and an odd gracefulness at odds with the air of dread that eminated from the figure.

The terrifying figure took in the room, coach Girth and looked on towards the pitch below

‘   I have come to lead your team in the Pros….

…for a price!’

There was always a ‘price’ as Girth knew well but it would have to be a concern for the future, for now the coach had found his ‘Star’

‘Welcome to the team-what should I call you…’

Girth asked

You may call me Lucifer…

And at that Girth wondered what exactly he had signed up to….

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