DIGNITY – One Minute Inside Physique’s Head


DIGNITY – One Minute Inside Physique’s Head

by Alan Mittag


“So you just want me to wear this tiara thing?”  Physique said, slipping the circlet onto his forehead.

“It’s a circlet.” I said.  “The High Mage Twins made it.”

“I don’t care who made it,” Physique said.  “It’s a tiara.”

As soon as he got the circlet in place, his thoughts came right to me through the magic earring.

This is dumb.  Why do I have to wear this faggy tiara?  Physique’s thoughts came through loud and clear.

“It’s a circlet, and it actually looks nice.” I said.

“How would you know if something looked nice?” He said.  I guess it would have to be a tiara with big letters on it, N-I-C-E.  Hahaha, that’s great! Or wait. …Maybe it would read N-Y-S, nice, hahahaha.  Oh wait, that’s still too much for him. It wouldn’t have a word at all. Just a big thumbs up sign in the front, to tell him it was ‘nice’.  Haha, yup. That’s perfect.”

I let out a deep sigh, “Yeah, it’s working.”

“So I just go walk down the street?” Physique said.

“That’s all I need.”  I said.

The street was busy.  Shops were open and crying out their wares and special sales.

The first person Physique noticed was a woman, human, big boned, buying some meat from a vendor while her child clutched at her dress.


I don’t know if he was thinking of the woman, the child, the meat, or a combination of the three.

Two more steps, and a teenage girl screamed his name.  “Physique!”

That’s better. Physique stopped to greet her.  Everyone loves a legend.

All eyes turned to him.  The crowd went crazy all of the sudden.  Sales half completed. Children abandoned at vending stalls.  The crowd pushed in around him, creating a barrier that made it hard to see.

My adoring fans. “My adoring fans,” he said.  There has to be a hot girl here somewhere.  One old enough to know her way around.  “It is I, Physique.  The new legend of Dignity.”  He lifted his arms and spun around to show himself off.

No.  No.  Hmmm, maybe. No. Too flat.  No.  Too fat.  No.  Too old.  No.  Too young, but I’ll come back next year.  No.  No. 

He shook hands with everyone until he found what he was looking for.  Oooh.

She was brunette, leggy, with a low cut top and slit in her dress.  There we go.  “Well, hello there,” Physique said, shaking her hand, and holding it.  He seemed to be done greeting the rest of his fans.  Oh yea, she likes it dirty.

“I watched your game last night.” She said.

And she’s already mine.  Everyone who saw that game is going to want some Physique.

Of course you did.  “Of course you did,” Physique said.

“You were amazing,” she said.

I always am.  “I always am.”

“He’s a legend now,” said a man stepping up to stand next to her.  Despite her hand in Physique’s, he put his arm around her shoulders.

Phsyique looked the man over, top to bottom, and visibly shrugged his shoulders before turning his eyes back to the brunette.  Well, this is going to be easy.

“Did you see him hit that blitzer in the fourth quarter?” Someone shouted.

“I sure did,” answered one of the fans in the crowd.

“I heard that guy didn’t make it,” said another.

“Dead before he even hit the ground,” the man with his arm around the woman said.  “That’s the report.”  He looked back at Physique and said, “I had a lot of money riding on you last night.”

“Of course you did,” I’m awesome.  He said it without even looking at the man.  His eyes were still on the brunette with the legs and cleavage.

Physique leaned in and whispered in her ear, putting his head right between her and her boyfriend, pushing him a few inches away,

You look like the kind of lady that can appreciate a real legend.

I don’t know if he whispered the same thing he was thinking.  And I didn’t have the best view from my position, but I swear, Physique licked her ear lobe after he whispered something.

The woman turned red, but her eyes were looking into Physique’s as he pulled back.  She gave the slightest nod.  

Physique slipped his arm around her, somehow removing the other man’s arm as he did so, peeling him right off of her.  The two of them started walking back the way we had come.  “You’re going to love the bed in my room.  Just the right amount of hard and firm.”  Physique twisted around to look down at her bottom.  Oh yeah, the Legend gets his reward.

Noticing the loss of his attention, the crowd immediately went to disperse.  All except for the man whose girl had been stolen. He just stood there confused, sagging more and more as the seconds passed.  He looked at the crowd as it broke up.  Looked back at Physique walking his girl back to his room.

Then he looked at me.

I shrugged my shoulders.  “Sorry..?”

Humans like getting a little dirty.



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