Dino Chicken: Origin

Among the employees of InGen there were those who tried to stop the madness. Those who saw what was coming and stood up to the unnatural demands of power hungry mad men. These ones did not live to tell their tales, but some of high conscience had sought to preserve their legacy in different ways. One such way, was to attempt an insertion of moral values into the vicious reptiles they were forced to create. They added only the wholesome qualities of humanity in the hopes that one day the reptiles would feel regret and attempt to undo their apocalyptic rampage. Each reptile altered this way could only take a single quality undetected. One such reptile, is Dino Chicken.

An unholy merging of Skink and Poultry DNA. Dino Chicken had one other ingredient added to the mix: Courage. Shortly before the noble scientists death at the hands of a shapeshifting reptilian assassin, he had hidden the skink egg far far away in an empty field, buried safely where it couldn’t be found.

However an unexpected side effect of Dino Chickens genetic make up was an extremely long incubation period. By the time he was ready to hatch an entire BloodBowl stadium had been built over his head! As he struggled to break free from his shell and dig his way to the surface, the rumbling of heavy footsteps and the roaring of the crowd vibrated through his tiny weak body. Finally he erupted to the surface gasping for air, exhausted and unable to move.
As his eyes adjusted to the brilliant light of day, he began to see a huge shiny silver wall moving towards him. He heard voices, gruff and hoarse, yelling and screaming foul insults in a language he couldn’t instinctively understand. He rolled on to his other side in a futile effort to escape, only to see a legion of massive green monsters running towards him grunting and laughing excitedly as they rushed over. As his vision cleared he saw what he now identifies as an Orc Blood Bowl team, and as he tried to roll away again he felt his tiny body flung into the air as the two sides clashed.
He landed atop the silver wall and saw a huge laughing face whilst his ears were deafened by the revving of a Death Roller engine. It was no wall he found himself attached to, but he had landed on the hood of the Death Roller. The Dwarves won that game largely due to the carnage wrought by their Death Roller, and the operator declared his prowess on the pitch was down to the new hood ornament Nuffle had given him. Thus it was that Dino Chicken spent his early years chained to the front of a Death Roller. Slammed into Trolls, Minotaurs, Treemen and occasionally a Kroxigor.
Dino Chicken learnt how to take a blow whilst learning all the ins and outs of BloodBowl from the centre of the action. His courageous heart never giving up on the hope of freedom, never breaking under the mockery of the ruthlessly cruel dwarves, even when they cut out his left eye. It was only when those dwarves played a brilliant team of Lizardmen ‘InGen Apocalypse’ that Dino Chicken was freed. As the Roller broke down under a heavy Saurus block, the support he had been chained to broke loose and he finally fled to freedom. But his legs had not developed well on his diet of crushed players that he had scraped off the Roller. He stumbled gasping into the InGen dugout and collapsed.

Thus began Dino Chickens career in the MML…


  1. Much love for Dino Chicken! – I was very happy to announce the game where it seemed to me that Dino Chicken came into his own! – He really was the hero of the game that day. Fearless to the end!

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