Dino Eyepet postmortem report.

Important information for the attention of the league commissioner:

On Monday 22nd May 2017 Dino Eyepet was blitzed by Holofernes Bluefur and suffered a fatal injury. Thus the leagues most entertaining player killed one of the leagues most disliked players.
Upon examining the remains of the deceased InGen Apocalypse player MML medical professionals made a startling and disturbing discovery.
Dino Eyepet was not an actual Lizardman skink! Instead he was Identified as being a member of a banned race, namely genus Eyepettus Irritatus. This creature had deliberately disguised itself to appear to be a skink. I attach all relevant paperwork and information with this message. In the interest of transparency I am also forwarding this cover letter to all MML coaches.
As coach of InGen Apocalypse I (s-c-wyatt) state in the strongest possible terms that I did not have any knowledge of this deception. I was fully convinced Dino Eyepet was a real skink not an Eyepettus Irritatus and thus legally allowed to compete in the league.
However, I recognise that illegal player registration is a serious offence and appeal to the commissioner to show leniency in this extreme circumstance.

InGen Apocalypse would also like to officially apologise to all MML teams who took part in games where we mistakenly fielded this fraud.


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