“Dis’ll be Da last season” 

Rokk sits on the ground watching a distant snotling chase a bit of litter around in the slight breeze. “Let’s get this over with!” he blasts. He’s tired of waiting for Coach south to appear from the small shack over in the corner of the Yate Outdoors Sports Centre or the YOSC as the Yate Yobz 2.3 call it. This morning was the first time they had got together since they had lost 2-0 to The Snitchburgh PieRats and the last game of season 10 that rolled on to a familiar end.

Since the Coach had turned up at the sports ground with a small amount of gold in his pocket talking of getting a team ready to compete in the third season of the growing MML league a lot had changed. He spoke of seeing promise in the group of players he’d claimed he’d been watch play Sunday League Blood Bowl for the last few months but nobody could place him. Some of the Yobz were suspicious of this human some just saw a chance to relieve him of some coin but enough of them found themselves listening and then start to believe too that they might have what it takes to go PRO!

Season 3 was good for Rokk, where in the amateur world of Blood Bowl his very un-orcy approach to play where he tried to skip and dodge blocks was mocked but here surprised some teams and payed off. The team began to come together as Coach south had said and soon the ground was starting to attract some fans for home games. At the end of the season they even got invited to play the Orcidas Bowl which they lost but did gain sponsorship by them which payed for some much needed new uniforms.

Then it happened, as the MML grew so did the quality in teams drawn by the attractive rewards of glory and gold. And so season 4 was a disaster with loss after loss and players talking of walking away. Some did but enough remained to follow Coach south to the new Challenge League set up by the MML to use as a feeder series to the Pro’s. Flabhop, who had been training hard with the black Orcs was keen to keep going enjoying smashing skullz and getting paid for it while south was still trying to teach Gutfart that gobbo’s were for throwing not the halftime snack.

Season after season ended the same with the Yobz at the bottom of the playpool seemingly lost of any will to inflict damage on the other teams and instead sit and watch teams like the Abomination Nation come and go only to see them lift trophies in triumph on Cabal TV in the ever collapsing shack at the now deserted YOSC. Some started talking about giving up and one dark day even Coach south at the end of season 9 confessed he was having doubts and claimed in his funny attempt at orcish “Dis’ll be Da last season!”.

Rokk was furious! He hadn’t trained so hard and given so much for the team to give up! So season 10 he worked harder than ever before but this time he helped encourage the others more too! And so as the season ground on something amazing happened. They drew a game then they won one! They beat the Granite City Grimbeards 3-0!!! And so followed the sense that perhaps they were good enough and they could make it to the play-off’s but then the PieRats came. That ended the dreams of the play-off’s and some worried south would indeed disband the Yobz?

Then there’s a crash at the shack that draws Rokk’s attention back to the present and Coach south comes running across the training pitch waving! What he says is unbelievable “We’ve been called up to the Pro’s!!! They need us!!!”.

And so season 11 started and first up was the elf team The Longbomb Carpenters. Amazingly they managed a 2-1 win against the admittedly rather understrengh elves who were showing the signs of playing in such a tough league. Still it helped lift and encourage the Yobz who were slightly star stuck seeing some of the teams they’ve been watching on the TV for so long. Meeting some old friends and rivals at the post game party they could feel some eyes stair at them and could hear the murmurs of “they don’t deserve to be hear” work through the halls of the MML

Then they played another new team The Nordic Pagans who had a good old dust up but lost 3-2 which just help spread some of the bad feeling and suspicion. Next was a big worry, matched against a very established Orc team The Pumpkin Kings who they respected hugely, Rokk felt they had to at least show a good game. They did and again notched up a win this time the black Orcs showing they were up to the Pro’s and finding a form they hadn’t managed for a long time. Then another new team to the Pro’s came in week 4 but this time an old friend from the Challenge League, the Chaos Dwarves had won the last time they had played but this time the Yobz had learnt some lessons and made it one game each to be recorded in the teams historical annuals (well south’s tatty notebook).

Then came Coach south’s nightmares. Two fast and very capable teams the Lord of Skinks and The Ubersiek Flammers both able to score a touchdown before Gutfart could even lick his lips while looking at the new gobbo Frow’s Me. Amazingly the Yobz held both teams to draws but this then left a win required against season 10 champions Abomination Nation! The Yate Yobz had played them in thier rookie year back in the CL and had lost then! They had watched with some fondness, well as much as a Orc can, as this team had become the powerhouse that it was. fortunately for the Yobz the week earlier the Nurgle team had lost a star Pestigor who with his claws and shocking famous forearm smash could of really hurt them. As it was nuffle also must of felt pity on the greenskinz as the first half finished 1-0 to the Yobz after the fast blitzer Alan picked up a dropped pass and charge deep into the nurgle half only to be hit down with a bolt of lightning! South looked over at Coach VpowerV who had a glint in his eye. With a shout of orders a nurgle player recovered the ball and retreated to their endzone looking for a way to get the ball down field.

But then surprising everyone Alan stood, dusted himself off and lunged at the Chaos ball carrier knocking him to his back and then falling onto the ball to score! The second half saw the Yobz fall infront of a determined drive which saw the Abomination Nation draw level. The Yobz now only had limit time to score again but push forward they did. It looked like it was over when Rokk himself tripped while trying hard to get that extra yard but the ball found its way to Frow’s Me and he scampered off into the endzone through the blood and slaughter that covered the field!

And so at the end of the most unexpected season for the Yobz they now sit waiting for the play-off’s to be announced to see how far this journey will take them But now sure in thier little orc minds that it won’t be Da last season.

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