Doreen, Doreen. Doreen Doreen

The Walford Timetravellers: Part 3

In a somewhat strange encounter, the 1994 cast of Eastenders faced off against the majority of the inhabits of backwater fictional American cartoon town, South Park.

The way the game played out was perhaps fitting, as the show that should have been cancelled at least ten seasons ago showed the better staying power to turn around a 2-1 half time deficit and inflict a first defeat of the season on the Walford Timetravellers.

The violence on display was perhaps not unusual for the South Park crew but with Doreen Ellis being mauled to death on the pitch, this was clearly too much for most of the Eastenders characters. 

By the end of the game, pretty much everyone had left save for the Mitchell brothers, who stood in the middle of the pitch seemingly unaware of everything happening around them.

The cast decided to grieve the death of Doreen the only way they knew, with a good old drink-up. Grant Mitchell, with his new troll-size body mass managed to maintain a respectable level of sobriety for most of the evening, until around his 37th pint when Maxine found him passed out on the toilet, seemingly trying to wipe his bum with a piece of bread.

With the cast size rapidly thinning, the BBC writers anticipated a need to bring more Eastenders characters into the blood bowl universe. The newest member of the team suggested a twitter poll to see who the public would like to see transformed into a goblin. The poll ran for 24 hours and the winner was, unsurprisingly, Ken Barlow.

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  1. My favourite CL team! Love the stories and looking forward to seeing how the ‘outsider’Ken Barlow from the other side of ‘The Street’ fits in to the team.

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