Dragons Inaugural Season a Success!

The Karak Dragons have completed their first season in the MML and fans in the Citadel have been delighted!

The success on the pitch has been mirrored in the Karak where the increased trade and general good feeling has helped the regeneration of the damaged hold.

When DwarfGiant was asked for his assessment his reply was blunt. ‘A Success. But we need to be meaner. My larder doesn’t restock itself’.

This could be taken as tongue in cheek. No one believes the coach actually eats deceased players, despite the malicious rumours spread by the gutter press. It is more likely referring to the need for the Dragons to, metaphorically, kill the opposition.

Nevertheless, despite DwarfGiant’s statement it’s obviously been a great season. Only one defeat (a meaningless final season game when Bowl Game qualification had already been secured), Bowl Game winners of the first ever Swolifier Extreme Cup, an upgraded stadium that expects further work during the season and two real standout players – despite missing a game and picking up a niggle, Bertie Boots scored 8 touchdowns in 7 games and Pyro who looks like a colossus in the line of scrimmage.

One thing is for certain though – The Karak Dragon fans can look forward to next season with optimism.

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