Dungeon West

The Dungeon West Conference is part of the MML West Division. One of the original MML Conferences, Dungeon West takes great joy in providing one of the roughest and toughest games each week. The Dungeon West is not the place for niceties and prancing foppish dandies, only ruthless brute force will be enough to survive here.

Dungeon West Conference Champs

SeasonConference ChampionConference Record (W-L-D)
Season 1Cult of Khorne2-1-0
Season 2Skuttle Butts3-0-0
Season 3Cold Hard Truth3-0-0
Season 4Just Norsin' Around2-0-1
Season 5Just Norsin' Around / Dignity1-0-2 / 1-0-2
Season 6Skuttle Butts2-0-1
Season 7New Orcland Grunts2-0-1
Season 8New Orcland Grunts2-0-1