Enjoy the silence, because it won’t last long


Not even a single tone could be heard.


It was wonderful.

It was a moment, where he was allowed to not think. To not doing plans. To not improvise. To not stop wounds bleeding and wade through blood.

But even then, he couldn’t stop smile. As it was a rollercoaster of feelings. And he enjoyed every looping.

After the first Season, he wasn’t that optimistic. It wasn’t bad, but far from good. They only managed one victory in that season. With three draws and three lost games they where in the second half of their division. And they needed some experienced muscles. Thea managed to get Punisher for their team. A veteran from a lot of matches.

The first game wasn’t a walk in the park. Against a Chaos team with lots of claws they managed to not get killed. And to slip away with a win.

That was great. He hoped for the next victory and planned.

And then they won again. And after 7 weeks of up and down, they where now here. Somehow they managed to lose only one game. And with 6 wins they are standing on top of their division. AND on top of the challenge league. It was amazing.

On the pitch it was always loud. The Saurus roared, players clashed against each other, screams of wounded and dying players, unfortunately those from the salamanders too, and of course, the cheering of the fans.

And now, they had a pause. And he could enjoy the silence. He knew, he would need it. The Play Offs would begin soon.

And it wouldn’t be quiet.


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