Family once More

Their father had summoned them all to this strange shadow dimension, a summon they could, nay dare not refuse, as they gathered inside the throne room, the silence foreboding they saw a shimmering projection emerge in the centre of the room, it was that of their father Oberon, his words where short, simply “My loving sons and daughters, it is time for you to come once more together as the loving ‘family’ you have always been”… at this he laughed loud, before his final words “or should i say, obey me, or lose your immortality forever” With this he pointed to the table – each seat had a name before it and two cards…

Slowly each of them walked towards the place around the table bearing their name, looking down on the scattered Tarot cards laying upon it, two before each, with one depicting a location and the other an image of a hideously malformed creature of chaos… each understood now what their fathers plans where, and slowly looking at each other each one gave a sly smirk… The Court of Amber once more would bring the battle to Chaos, a final battle, slowly each one took a hold of the card in front of them, and dissapeared….

Momentarily dissoriantated Random looked around, seeing around him his brothers and sisters, wearing the strangest garb one could imagine, as his vision cleared he looked past his kinfolk and saw the field, the baying crowd, and then slowly his eyes fell upon what he could only imagine was the opponent, a warped, malformed group of barely sentient creatures, looking down he realsied one of those was the image he held in his hand, his target, and he smiled a smile only a prince of amber could….

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