Farewell Bandits

It was raining the day that Peter, the leader of the Wet Bandits limped into coach Fire_Talkers office. “We are broken coach”, Peter said with pain in his voice. Coach looked back at Peter and said, “My dear old friend, you have done well. This season we came in hurt, but hopeful. You Peter above anyone else have been the leader we always looked to, and you were always there… This season we have come back and have been undefeated, but… I’m afraid the team cannot go on… We will fight with every ounce of will and courage that we have.

This season will be the Bandits last, but it will not be their worst.” Peter felt a sense of relief and disappointment. Peter will never be in the Hall of Fame… he wasn’t overly brutal or great at scoring, but every time Coach Fire_Talker thought the Bandits had played their last game Peter was there, ready, and dependable.

Peter spent a moment reflecting on the past seasons, He remembered starting the team with Harry and Marv, and ultimately letting Marv go for a transfer. He remembered all the Rogre troubles the team has had, making the pro finals, the immortal linerat, Vamprat and the Pro Finals…

The Bandits may not have ever come home with a championship, but they  have fought to the very end each and every season.

Coach Fire_Talker looked at Peter and thanked him for everything. Coach also reminded him that the season is not over and asked him to give everything he had to these playoffs. The Bandits need Peter now more than ever.

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