Field of Creams

Eddie affectionately known as ‘The Smegol’ to his neighbours, was the local Baker of Sackville. A quaint little Halfling village in the centre of Averland, leagues from the nearest city, where not much ever happened. Eddie had two great passions in life, eating sweet bits, and Blood Bowl. When he wasn’t driving his family into ruin by pushing his blood sugar level up to near five times the lethal level and simultaneously consuming his own supply, he was at the local pub, neglecting his children and his liver, watching his beloved Greenfield Grasshuggers play on Cabal Vision.

Glazing doughnuts one day, Eddie saw a vision in the icing, a vision of a Blood Bowl field….. made out of pastries. Giant Slices of forest gateaux for stands holding sprinkled raisin crowds of all colours and sizes; strudel strips gridiron lardage, caramel field goals and a large bossche bol for a pigskin. He heard a voice on the wind “bake it, and they will come”, peering deeper into the pastry he made out the figure of an old halfling legend, broadfooted and smiling a goofey toothed mouthful, Puggy Baconbreath, inducing fond memories of travelling to the big leagues with his father as a young Halfling of 31 and cheering as Deeproot Strongbranch clubbed men into the ground like pegs.

With either supernatural magic in the air or the beginnings of psychotically delusional midlife crisis Eddie decided to travel to a match in the nearest City of Averheim, four days ride for a Halfling on a pony. He watched the Blueberry Packers get thumped into the dirt by a Human team the Mighty Moots. The Packers were down 3-0 at halftime when after consuming a dozen halfpints of fungus beer and a Halfling’s dozen mystery meat pies, Eddie saw the scoreboard display different team names, teams of yesteryear from the BB Final of 2476 The Creeveland Crescents and… the Greedfield Grasshuggers who had his late heroes on their roster for that final Deeproot and Puggy.

Against the wishes of his wife, and the Bank of Altdorf whom he had taken out the loan to start his bakery, Eddie baked the sweetest stadium ever constructed, in Sackeville Park, believing that if he baked the stadium, the ghosts of his favourite childhood players from the 70’s would arrive to play every now and again, sticking landings and KO’ing Trolls. He went the distance to include a rock candy Alter to NUFFLE to help ensure the God’s favour in his nostalgic quest, and some say they have seen them take to the field, the Field of Creams.

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