Fire Dwarves Find Their Spark!

A thick fog dances over the moonlit hellish landscape of Zharr-Naggrund. The forges still hiss and rattle as the smoke from the factorys settle into the fog. The scent in the air is of death.

For days the body of the dwarf known as “Extra Strength” has been on display. He had fought courageously for the Hit Wagons, and tonight we honor him.  Extra Strength was powerful and had started to develop the curse of stone in his hands and claws. The excruciating pain of his hands becoming literal bricks was a point of pride for Extra Strength.

Khatan Bloodaxe is the second in command and tonight, it is his honor and responsibility to send off his teammate. Extra’s body has been on display on a stone pillar in the center of a small pool of lava. Khatan walks up to Extras body with a large unlit torch. He dips the torch into the lava and then sets the flame to Extra’s oil laden garments and armor.

Coach Fire Talker walks forward and Khatan hands him the lit torch as he steps down to join his other teammates “Tonight” commands Fire Talker. “We remember our brother… I let him down… we all let him down. He has fallen. We have sat back building and preparing for our chance at glory. No longer! From this day forward we surrender nothing. Not until our opponents blood is so thick upon their teammates face that they cannot see the ball do we relent! Look at Extra Strength! He is the symbol of rage that we all must embrace. We are Fire-Dwarves! His flame will now become ours and it will carry us forward, igniting all within our path!”

Fire Talker then turns and tosses the torch back at the feet of Extra Strengths body which is now fully engulfed in flame. The team one at a time kneel in front of the great dwarf and lower their head. Not a word else is spoken. It is now time to get back to work. We will replace our fallen dwarf… but we will not… and cannot forget him.

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