Fire Mountain Brawlers are Fuming

Lord Cinderbreath’s hands were glowing with fire and his eyes an even darker shade of red than usual. He stood in the Great hall of the Fire Mountain found to the East of  the Mountains of Mourn “How dare our so say brethren from Daemon Stump form an alliance team? Skaven, Goblins, Ogres but the worst of all Orcs, damn Black Orcs at that” He roared.  The Hashut Howlers had recently been formed and were trying to put their name on the map. ” They have even taken the great god Hashut’s name in vain” His anger was now causing him to shake uncontrollably, the flames were burning brighter the more enraged he became. Lord Cinderbreath hadn’t forgotten the the great Black Orc Rebellion which nearly destroyed all of the Chaos Dwarfs and their entire empire. Cinderbreath was one of the Sorcerors who helped create the Black Orcs after all. The Hobgoblin betrayal was the only thing that saved them that day

Lord Cinderbreath was the only remaining Sorceror from that time. The only Chaos Dwarf Sorceror known to be able to resist the curse which inevitably turns them to stone. Some thought Hashut had intervened himself. Lord Cinderbreath was the only one who new the true secret.

“We shall reform our team of old, a pure Chaos team with none of the filth. Our Hobgoblin brothers shall be welcome but that is all. Today the Fire Mountain Brawlers will rise and re-join the Blood Bowl Ranks. We shall prove to those Howlers no race is required to bolster our ranks. Pure we shall remain. Now find me a Coach”

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