First season recap

Greg Thompson: Our next article is about “Die Orkischen Brecher” sports fans. With that being said, I welcome my guest right now: Coach Zidjey. Hello Coach and nice to have you once again in our studios.

Zidjey: Thank you for the invitation, it’s nice to be here.

Greg Thompson: We like to hear that. So first of all, congratulations to your first season. It was a tough one, with tough competition for sure. How would you reflect the season and what is your opinion on it?

Zidjey: You are right, the season was tough, but it also was one to learn a lot. We had good games, played well but came up short too many times. At the end we are rookies and you felt that in almost every game. That wasn’t a nice feeling as you can guess, and the mood in the lockers was bad more then one time after losing. But we were competitive in every game and our opponents had to put in a lot of work to win against us and this is where we have to start our work. And we will exactly do that.

Greg Thompson: That sounds like you have a lot of plans. Can you give us any details?

Zidjey: Well, the development of our players did not work quite as we expected it. Before the season started, we had already trouble with Zungall Herzschlinger and his injuries. But, after the extra training and afford he put in, he became a good player. Of course, this has also to do with our captain Gremlog Kleinauge and the Blackorc captain Gra Großkiefer. They lead the team perfectly in every situation. But we expected more, especially from our Blackorcs. And this is where we will make the cut, because unfortunately Taz Knochenbrecher won’t make it to the next season. His development was the weakest and we want to improve. Therefore, decisions had to be made.

Greg Thompson: That is a rough politic. Two questions, how did the Blackorc react and is there anything in your mind for replacement?

Zidjey: He took it like the professional he is. I expected him to go on a murderous rampage, but no. Taz said he wants to join one of our future farm teams to improve and come back stronger. He is a “Brecher” and he has the team in his heart. I believe in him and I can see him come back a lot more improved. The competition inside the team is growing and now we get competition from outside as well. This is great and will help everyone to give this extra 10% at the end. To your second questions, we had talks to a few farm teams and the coaches from them. We also had, thanks to some good relationships, a talk to a more famous and veteran team of the league. And we might come along for a transfer in the upcoming period. A transfer, that will shock the league not only at the pitch, but also around it.

Greg Thompson: That sounds like there is a big one coming. We will keep looking at the transfers and the rumours in the future. Thanks for being here coach and good luck with the team’s development.

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