Fourth season lucky?

Big hearts small are heading into their fourth season and after their record-breaking third season, things are looking up. The four matches drawn last season and their first every points, showed they were there not just to make up the numbers. Nuffle played his part: one minute Dangling that first win in front of their eyes and then quickly saying ‘nope, not this time’.

The stadium (well okay, field) got a refit during the off season: a couple of benches for the now regular (two strong, three if including the dog) growing vocal fan base; actual, physical permanent lines have now been put on the pitch, with rumours that more might happen if they prove last season wasn’t a fluke.

No new players this year, but a squad who know each other well and who are growing their skills and eagerness to prove everyone wrong. Newly-elected captain, Von Kaiser (well he was the only one to turn up to the meeting), in his second season at the club, hopes to finally to be able to celebrate a first win, and with Mushroom gone, the snotlings are fighting over who will be their pack leader; this changes daily and often ends in a slap fest between Zipper, Last of the defence (LOTD) or Think of the Children (TOTC)

New challenges and old foes return this season. With half the old play pool moving to pro’s, the team are looking forward to playing some old friends from the past and a whole host of new playthings, including a legendary horseman.

A win, a very unlikely win, would just be amazing and the team have it in their sights.

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