“Friendly” Rivalry

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Pippin could only watch from the comfort of the infirmary bed he had called home for this last week, watch as his team’s chances of a playoff spot slipped away with every successful leap from Conqaxl, Ingen Apocolypse weren’t supposed to win this game, it was supposed to be a straight forward game of bash and move, but Conqaxl had other ideas.

As the final whistle blew and the scoreboard showed 3-1 to Ingen pippin could only sigh and shake his head, Boromir had finally taken out that leaping nightmare in the dying moments of the game, but by then the damage had already been done, and with another near death experience for Lounge the “star” skink of LoTS, the Apothecary had once again been used to revive him.
Pippin sat for a while thinking about his place in the team since Lounge came along, his fan mail of late was looking rather scarce, and he wondered whether coach Lazertrip would be as quick to send an apothecary to save him if he had taken a fatal blow, maybe a few seasons ago, but not since Lounge was taking all his glory.

There weren’t many of them left now, the original team of LoTS grew smaller and smaller with each passing season, and these new recruits being brought in only lasted a couple of games at best, and certainly couldn’t play as well as he would like, no wonder the coach had to keep bringing in transfers to bolster the ranks, but still he could have done without Lounge being chosen, I was once the skink that everyone relied on in this team, he thought to himself, and I think it’s time for everyone to realise that once again, but first I need a certain someone to have a slight “accident”. A smile crossed his face, I have just the plan.

To be continued……..

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