From out of the forest came the sounds of laughter…

“Have we reached the pitch yet?” asked Leaf, knowing full well they had just started walking.  It was a beautiful day out, the sun was shining and adding color to an already brilliant day, because soon, the new Season of Blood Bowl would be kicking off, and the Mischievous Maples have decided to through their lot into the big leagues and stop playing exhibitions against travel teams in hopes to bring the coveted Blood Bowl trophy back to their Maple Grove in Athel Loren.

“Do you think the Bloodweiser Babes will be there?” called Cook as stares into space remembering his last encounter with a Bloodweiser Babe named Jane, and the ruthless beating her Orgefriend handed him for flirting with her.

“I think that we will be there when we get there, Leaf, and the babes won’t be looking for a benchwarmer Cook.” said Capt Maple, “The last time we had a match, you spent more time looking at the cheerleaders and  laying in the dirt than the rest of the team combined!” Standing just shy of 30’, Capt Maple was a formidable foe, having been raised into one of the best Treeman BB players that the local training facility could produce. What he lacked in speed, he made up for in strength, jokes and good looks.

”It’s not my fault the other teams always take out the best player,” said Cook, “and besides, if we can’t win the least we can do is watch the cheerleaders get their Pom Pom’s on!” Cook was a great lineman when he wasn’t laying on the field, but that could be said for most of the guys on the team, Cook just happened to have a penchant for any type of female, which has lead to quite a few chuckles from his teammates due to his inability to follow through.

”Yea, cept they were orc cheer leaders, so unless your a fungi you don’t stand a chance!” laughed Limb as he walked beside Cook. Limb is one of Cooks’ best friends, had been since they were little elf’s running around causing mayhem together and making their parents wish they hadn’t reproduced.  “Besides, we both know that in order to even get near a Bloodweiser Babe, you have to score atleast one touchdown!”

“Don’t get us started on that, Limb” said Tappy, “we all know that you haven’t even made it out of the first half without dropping the ball or letting some little guy knock you over!” Limb has suffered a knock down to a catcher and a gutter runner, both times with full support of the team and still he couldn’t push through much to his teammates delight.

In a loud, drill sergeant voice the coach Darkhairman2 said  “Alright guys, let’s cut the chit chat and pick up our feet, there are some serious threats we will be facing, and the last thing I need is to return to Athel Loren with the tail of a team that was too busy making wisecracks to keep any of them alive!”  Being his first year as a head coach he had more than his share of things to worry about, and with such a goofy lot to lead he was worried about how it would be received back at the Grove…


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