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Dear BMFJiggs,

I know we didn’t get a chance to chat prior to our game this week, and I know you walked away in discouragement after. So it is from a position of understanding, having been where you are now many times in my career. I still feel like a new coach, most of the time. I still motivate the boys to raise a little hell, score a few touchdowns and make some plays. Lord knows I’m right there on the field with them whey the do it, the crowds above…the noise!

Sometimes I feel like like I’m still trying to make a name for myself. I know nothing is going to change who I am; I was a young coach when I first stepped onto the pitch, and I’ll be an old coach when I’m gone.

Often I look in the mirror, but you can’t see everything there is to see in a mirror! It doesn’t show you what is deep inside, what resides in your heart and soul, it doesn’t let you read between the lines and is in no way a reflection of your mindset, determination or youth.

Go and make a name for yourself, nothing will change who you are. You are a young coach doing your best in this crazy league of ours, and you’ll be an old coach when you decide to move on.


Head Coach
New Orcland Grunts

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