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Dear Whiskey Tornado,

You once said that you are “petty as ____.” I laughed when I heard it, but having known you for quite awhile I can say this isn’t true. You’re self-evaluation is far from the perception I have of you! I remember our first game, back when you coached the Deepones. It was the better part of the second half, and frankly, you where losing something fierce. Your connection went down, or you had a bluescreen, or what have you – and we dropped the game. A few button clicks later, and I had reset it to play again – it never crossed my mind to do otherwise. The second go around was quite the opposite of the first, and you came out the victor by a large margin. That was a precedent¬†at the time for the League – resetting a game to replay when it was pretty much decided, but I never regretted it – and you never made a big deal out of having to replay. That’s not petty, that’s classy.

I’ve been in a few tight spots, and I always think back to those and think…who would I want to be there with me. What would they bring to the situation, how could they help, would they even survive, etc? I have a short list of people – probably people others would raise their eyebrow at – but then….they don’t know. What I need is a person with a mind that doesn’t work like the rest of the world. I need somebody who looks at things differently, somebody who looks at an object not for what it is, but for what it isn’t – for what it could be. That’s beyond imagination and innovation. You’ve got that gift. Continue to use it, never let it fade.

In a few hours, you’ll roll into the Battleground, ready to play some ball. Unlike other games, I look forward to this one. I’m not sure how it will come out, and frankly I don’t care too much. There is an experience to be had here, and that is my reward. The lads will do their best to defeat your rats, but in the end I’ll look across the astro-granite and tip my hat either way.

Stay classy my friend,


Head Coach
New Orcland Grunts

ps – I forgive you. #Black&Mold


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  1. Really enjoyed these letters. Been a great way to end (at the moment) the your journey as coach of the Grunts. #OG

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