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Dear More_Shots,

It is with trepidation that I put these words to paper.  I believe there is a point in every coaches career that they look back and think about what could have been, when they look down and think about what must be down today, and finally when you look forward and evaluate the future. I have watched you as a coach form the day you stepped on to the pitch in Season 2, and it is as apparent to me now as it was then – you are the better coach. 

It’s no secret that your team gets quite a bit of attention, and credit to them for their hard work, but it is clear to me that they derive their success from the man at the helm. You are often over-looked as the media schmoozes your players, but the real talent of the team is you. I am impressed all the more that you have stood by your team through thick and thin, and managed them with the maturity and experience that few others have (or will ever) achieve.

I look forward to this game in the way two old friends would look forward to a drink while catching up over years of separation. I dread our meeting the way a father dreads watching his child’s last sporting event before graduation – you have the memories, but the chances of experiencing them play live is now gone. As the Grunts close out their franchise, others will greedily spring up and replace them. Some may remember me fondly, others perhaps not. There is a certain amount of pride that I take being the coach of the longest standing team in the league – but that too shall come to pass. Some other will take up that torch, perhaps you. Be gracious in your future winnings, be humble in your future losses. In the end, the only real thing that we can control as a coach is when we hang up the headset.

I know game day will bring a whirl of spectacle, elements of anxiety and surly an atmosphere of excrement and chaos. The final of the game will show the coach who triumphed that day; but it’s not (nor ever was) about who was better. It was always about knowing who you are – the good and the bad. I’ve come to that place in my career. The time when I truly understand what my purpose was, why I am here now, and where I need to go. Help those that are new, they are the future. Be patient to those that have been here as long as you, they are the foundation you stand upon. Every once in awhile, don’t forget to look down and evaluate where you are, people are looking – be who you want them to see.

I appreciate your honesty, and applaud your candor, and I am blessed for your friendship.

See you on the pitch,

Head Coach
New Orcland Grunts

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  1. OK now that’s out of the way… Pretty please murder all of each others tackle players??? 😁

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