Galadriel Reakers are joining MML!

The rumors are true. After more than a two-year break from blood bowl, the Galadriel Reakers are back and joining the biggest League on PS4.

The Reakers had a successful career in some minor leagues where they were also able to win some trophies. By chance, they achieved their greatest success: They have been invited to the world cup qualifier. But this success has also led to their biggest defeat in the qualifiers’ final where Vyburn Windwheel was stumbling over the short leg of a dwarf instead of scoring the final touchdown. Instead the dwarves started an endzone to endzone play that puts the final nail in the coffin of the Reakers career. The team felt apart and it looked like the Galadriel Reakers’ Blood Bowl history has come to an end. Surprisingly, Vyburn himself has restarted the franchise. He has recruited the two famous Wardancers Elendriel and Cavalorn to build a new team of young and promising Elves.

We will see where their journey will lead them. But one thing is for sure, Vyburn is dying for another trophy.

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