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Here we go!!! I must say guys, voting is dropping off abit so please keep it up for this segment to continue.

Who doesn’t love this guy!!!? His voice always brings a smile to my face and soon the laughter starts! A great coach and an asset to the MML! Coaches I give you,


Lazertrip91 !!!!!!



Coach name – Lazertrip91

Location – Pontyberem, Wales

Current team – Lord of the Skinks

Seasons with the MML – season 10 will be my 5th

Favourite bloodbowl team – Got to be the Slaan Seers, they were the team i looked to when I made my team.

Favourite other sports teams and which sport – Arsenal supporter all the way in football, and anything Welsh rugby related.

Favourite bloodbowl race – Lizards Lizards Lizards!

Favourite bloodbowl moment – has to be getting to the pro’s and getting to play all the teams I could only watch from the Challenge League, like Harrelsons, white owls and the legendary RAN just to name a few.

Worst bloodbowl moment – losing to Ingen Apocalypse and missing out on that play off spot, who said AG5 skinks were allowed anyway!

Funniest bloodbowl moment – when Hairy, Lou and jofro were all announcing my challenge league game vs Ffostrasol, and we even has Seriousjest pop in and out of the booth, never laughed so hard playing a game of blood bowl.

Describe yourself in three words – Short Welsh and Happy

Favourite toy as a child – Bionicle! Loved building and fighting those things

Favourite cartoon as a child – Dragon Ball Z. No contest

Favourite band or musician – probably Linkin Park in my teens, Now though it’s Disturbed

Favourite food – Fish Pie! Or any sort of fish

Favourite drink – Cider, any Cider

Favourite film – Lord of the Rings, probably could have guessed that one

Favourite book – Honoured Enemy by Raymond E Feist and William Forschtein

Favourite animal – think I’ll just go with classic Dog, of which I have 2

Favourite place you’ve visited – so far id say Ireland, friendly people, plenty to drink and not too hot

Place you’d like to visit – the US, one day maybe but I definitely will go, also Australia might be fun

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know – when I was 17 I drank too much Lager and ended up needing my stomach pumped, Now I can’t even smell the stuff without gagging! Also don’t remember that night at all, not even the hospital.

Any special skills/talents? – I used to play the trumpet in school, don’t know if I still could, and like a borrower, very good at climbing

In a movie of your life who’d play you – The Rock! Ha only joking someone short and balding, I know, Danny Devito!

What’s on your bucket list – Visit the US is up there, and also want to see the great wall, no idea why but I always wanted to, and of course win that all important MML Championship!


Cheers for the votes guys, please keep em coming.

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