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It’s that time of the week again folks your weekly installment of Get To Know Your Coach!!! Another busy week for votes and many coach’s names where in the frame but one individual just edged out in front by one vote, well ladies and gentlemen, this weeks coach is…………….

errrrm Me ! HAIRY WARTHOG !!!

Im not really one for self praise but hailed by some as the master of the mic with the match announcements and backing music, I know I’m not everybody’s cup of tea but hey! If we were all the same it’d be boring right? So once again the questions are posted in this edition of Get To Know Your Coach to……….well, it’s me. I often talk to myself so it’s not a massive issue.


Coach name – Hairy Warthog

Location – East Riding of Yorkshire, UK
Current team – Harryhausens
Seasons with the MML – I joined in Season 2 with a fresh Thugz Of Wheldrake chaos and famously played for three seasons without rerolls !!?
Favourite bloodbowl team – I’m a chaos coach at heart so it’s the BillCower PowerHour coached by More Shots. A great team to watch but not so great to play against if you have to face them on the astrogranite. They like to play rough!
Favourite other sports teams and which sport – I’ve watched and played rugby league from a young age, my grandad played York and Oldham and also got capped for Great Britain. My favourite team is the Castleford Tigers, who I played a few matches for at academy level many moons ago.
Favourite bloodbowl race – It’s got to be chaos. I like the mutation access and of course I love my minotaurs! My No Tor for the Americans
Favourite bloodbowl moment – When the Thugz played the Leaping Lizards coached by Doneagle. One of the chaos warriors hit their big hitter Wade and killed him! I did a dance around the room only to see the apothecary had brought him back to the land of the living.
Also I took a season really building up hype for the Challenge League and announced most of the matches, I watched the viewing figures jump up to 84! Turns out Jimmy fantastic was hosting me.
Worst bloodbowl moment – Not sure really. The first few seasons weren’t great. Didn’t really know much about the game and brought a fresh chaos team in with no rerolls. It really was a tough time for the Thugz, any gold saved up was used to replace players who had died including my first Minotaur Bull Murray who was viciously murdered by a vile troll named Big Mo. Those were tough times, once we had rerolls our results started to improve.
Funniest bloodbowl moment – The one which sticks in my mind and JoFro touched on it last week is when I announced a game with Fnords. All was going well to Fnordy got on the mic, he’d been out drinking all day, he was singing in Swedish, fell asleep live on air, started snoring, woke up but couldn’t open his eyes so announced blind!! That match may be on YouTube, check it out.
Describe yourself in three words – sensitive, stubborn and unpredictable.
Favourite toy as a child – I had a Roland Rat I used to take everyway with me till the dog claimed it but if mean a proper toy so to speak, it’d probably be my collection of Action Force figures and vehicles. That’s G.I. Joe to those overseas.
Favourite cartoon as a child – Was so many great cartoons in the 80s. But I think I’ll go with Dungeons and Dragons.
Favourite band or musician – very varied music taste but prefer rock. I consider Queen to be the greatest of all time.
Favourite food – difficult one. Not a big foody. I do like Chinese food though, and jaffa cakes!
Favourite drink – Milk !!! Love my cow juice.
Favourite film – So many. Big fan of 80s movies, action and comedy. The era of Sly Stallone, Arnie Schwarzenegger and Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and John Candy. To pick one though I’d say it’s Predator!!
Favourite book – don’t honestly think I’ve got one. Although I did enjoy all the Percy Jackson series.
Favourite animal – Dogs. I’ve been brought up with dogs and I’m a dog handler at work with my Belgium Malinous Kaydee. If a none domestic animal it’d have to be a wolf.
Favourite place you’ve visited – Hong Kong. I went the other year and loved everything about it.
Place you’d like to visit – I would say Vietnam but I’m going there in August and meeting up with Balwen. I’d really love to see Alaska, the scenery, the wildlife, it looks fantastic.
Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know – Think everyone here knows at least something about me lol. I’ve got three kids, 9,12 and 19. I’m also a member of a paranormal investigation group and visits sites and record our findings wherever we go. I recently stayed overnight in an abbey which was the home of Lady Chatterley (Lady Chatterley’s Lover). I’m also a honourary member of the New York State National Guard. I also have a huge interest in Native American history and culture, and regularly read books based on them.
Any special skills/talents? – errrrm. No I don’t think so.
In a movie of your life who’d play you – I’d like to say Jason Statham lol, but it’d probably be somebody like Ben Stiller ! Lol
What’s on your bucket list – as I said earlier Alaska is on there. I’d love to do whale watching or swim with great white sharks.
Nothing to much there, I’m quite impulsive and when get an idea in my head I try to pursue it.
Thanks for votes guys and giving me the opportunity to interview myself!! Lol  Keep the votes coming in for the next edition!!!

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  1. Great interview… But really?? we had Hairy and myself… We all know we want Legendary Spawn! 😉

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