Get To Know Your Coach !!!

Well ladies and gents it’s that time of the week, a little later than usual, so much for German efficiency eh !?? This week it is of course our very own Joseph and his Technicoloured Dream Shirt ……..
                             LOULIZCSC !!!!
One of our more active community members and now the MML quizmaster !!
I give you the man himself!
Coach name – LouLizCSC
Location – Berlin, Germany
Current team – The Harmin’ Gobe Trollers
Seasons with the MML Joined
 at the beginning of season 5 with pretty fresh Harrelsons
Favourite bloodbowl team – Seathiel Treehawks were my first love. That’s why I started playing elves. Harrelsons were my first wood-elf team on BB2 so I did not really have a clue apart from the treehawks playbook
Favourite other sports teams and which sport –  For the last 15 years I’ve been a member of FC St. Pauli (football/soccer). There are some documentaries on youtube. Very political club and fan-scene. Close ties with Liverpool and Celtic (wearing my celtic jersey right now).
Favourite bloodbowl race: Halflings, no doubt.
Favourite bloodbowl moment: Good question. Probably my first win in the MML. I played Midway’s Krushers, who had just won the CL championship with my freshish elves about 600 tv down at 4 am in the morning, slightly drunk. The community helped me a lot going into that game so I ended up with Eldril, a wiz and an extra apo. did not know how to set up columns or anything so I just went all in and won the game 3-1. His dice were awful to be fair, but I beat the champs in my first game. Of course winning the Pros was nice as well but somehow I wasn’t so happy with it. I played shots, thunden and rez in the play-offs. Not only board members who but a lot of time and effort in the community but fantastic coaches. Seeing them being denied the title they deserved somehow made it less enjoyable. my mindset is more kindergarden where everybody’s a winner 😉
Worst bloodbowl moment:  My first season went really well. I went all crazy with my elves finishing with 6-1-0, beating dymntd’s savants in the last, very brutal game. Then cam the play-offs against disco’s orcs. I had no idea how to play against all guard, tackle, mb orcs so the game was over by turn 4. It was devastating. tons of people were watching because I hyped up the game. Felt like I let the community down. Disco was kind enough to not foul my players into oblivion (yes people, those abominations are his fault wink )
Funniest bloodbowl moment: There were so many. I loved my chaotic game against stu, where he came up with all kinds of elf BS, went super confident and called ‘intercept that, tree’ – and deepwood delivered wink Of course the drunk late-night chat parties were great, hope we get to do those in the future.
Favourite toy as a child: My football.
Favourite cartoon as a child: Captain Tsubasa and Ganbare, Kickers!
Favourite band or musician: I worked as a DJ for 10 years so music is my ultimate passion. At home my favourites are bands like Radiohead, The National or Ja, Panik,. Also love me some 80s Pop, Classic Rock. For DJing I mostly play down tempo electronics, Deep Hip Hop Beats or Jazz and Soul.
Favourite food: To be honest, bread. Simple and could eat it every day.
Favourite drink: Beer, Cocktails, Whiskey. Also working as a bartender for 10 years turned me into an addict.
Favourite film: Nine Lives of Tomas Katz
Favourite book: Can’t name one. I like to read Murakami, Houellebecq, Lem and used to be really into fantasy. Somehow lost that addiction somewhere on the way. The first book I ever read was Brothers Lionheart and still really like it.
Favourite animal: My old cat 🙁
Favourite place you’ve visited: Tough call. I liked my three week US road trip, but also loved most asian countries I’ve visited. I kind of feel home everywhere wink
Place you’d like to visit: Nothing really. lacking the drive to travel right now. A table-top tournament in the UK sounds like a good plan though
Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know: Hm, I think in chat I’m pretty much an open book. I always like to know as much about the other coaches as possible, even regarding opinions I disagree with. I like to think of the person on the other side rather than the opponents. Did I say I ran for mayor of Heidelberg once? Only started my campaign two days before the election though and went with total satire. Still finished 7th and made all newspapers 😉
Any special skills/talents?  Nothing really.
In a movie of your life who’d play you People always compare me to christian Ulmen, a german actor who usually plays characters that are pretty similar to me
What’s on your bucket list: become a good person.

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