Get To Know Your Coach !!!

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Alright folks it’s that time of the week again!!! Who’s in the spotlight this time? I think it’s comes as no surprise to anybody who has followed our discord chat recently. We have seen a strong campaign put forward by his number one fan boy Josiah Frost which has responded an investigation by the FBI due to his links with Russia!!! The self proclaimed “legendary” coach I give you,


Coach Name – Spawn_Of_Cthulu

Location –  North Carolina, USA. Murica

Current Team – Skuttle Butts

Seasons with mml – 8…i think

Favourite other mml team – Slann Seers who else

Favourite other sport and team –  college wrestling no specific schools. Also an NFL Fan. Cleveland Browns!!

Favourite Race – Chaos Dwarves! Bull Centaurs are the best!!

Best mml moment –  YOLO GAME!

Worst mml moment –  getting pitch cleared by Bernies Kid.

Funniest mml moment – ummmmm can I say YOLO game again??

describe yourself in 3 words – 3 words…confident, easy going, hilarious(atleast I think I am and that’s all that matters)

Favourite toy as a kid – Had a Badrock toy that was my favorite

Favourite cartoon as a kid – There were many cartoons but I would have to say darkwing duck

Favorite band or musician –  Favorite “musician” MGK for more recent. But for a rock and roll would be KISS.

Favourite Food – would be my wife’s Puerto Rican Dishes…any of them.

Favourite Drink – of choice is a good whiskey

Favourite film -...Braveheart! Or the Patriot

Favourite Animal – … Hippopatamus

Favourite place to visit – Las Vegas is the best place on Earth

Place would like to visit – Would love to go to Puerto Rico where my wife’s family is from

Tell us something about yourself we don’t know – I use to play on traveling firefighter softball teams when I was only 16 (My dad who also played got me a fake IAFF card so I could play)

Any Special Skills –  I guess it’s a skill…good Texas Hold ’em player

In a film of your life who’d play you – Not sure who would play me…most likely some comedian…but not a well known one lol.

Whats on your Bucket list –  Win the MML Pro title. Play in Main event of the WSOP AND make a trip to Puerto Rico and Ireland



I think that about sums it Up!

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  1. Truly Legendary! – Sincere thanks to anyone who actually responded to the campaign to get Legendary Spawn into these articles. I was really wanting to raise awareness, but am very grateful to those that actually did vote! 🙂

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