Get To Know Your Coach !!!!

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Drum roll please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The that time of the week and this time it’s one our beloved excitable American coaches! Over the past few seasons not only has he entertained us with his coaching skills but also his loud, funny and enlightening announcing skills!!! It is of course, the host with the most,



Coach name – Serious Jest

Location – Right outside New York City

Current team – Hopeless Necromantics a.k.a. “The Romantics”

Seasons with the MML – Since S3. What season are we in now? It’s getting hard to count!

Favourite bloodbowl team – Other than my own, off the top of my head, Dino Rock. How could I not cheer gor Gruntosaurus?

Favourite other sports teams and which sport – New York Giants for football, New York Knicks for basketball, New York Mets for baseball

Favourite bloodbowl race – Necro!

Favourite bloodbowl moment – Champion Cup S1 (first time as a video game admin and organizing an official competiton like that)

Worst bloodbowl moment – hearing some people whine and cry about Concedegate.

Funniest bloodbowl moment – so many good broadcasts…one that comes to mind is the MML March Madness Championship, in which Shots and I announced the legend of Sidney Lopsides

Describe yourself in three words –Make life fun

Favourite toy as a child –Curious George stuffed animal

Favourite cartoon as a child –G.I.Joe

Favourite band or musician – Too many to call. Big hip hop head, though.

Favourite food –Steak

Favourite drink – bourbon

Favourite film – original Matrix

Favourite book – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Favourite animal – Lion

Favourite place you’ve visited –NYC. There’s no place like home.

Place you’d like to visit -Hawaii

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already knowI – Ilike big butts and I cannot lie

Any special skills/talents? –I was a physical trainer up until a year and a half ago.

In a movie of your life who’d play you –

Jon Seda (played Sgt Basilone in The Pacific)

What’s on your bucket list –I shall finish the game (only some of you will get that)


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