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Calling all coaches! Calling all coaches!!

Get To Know Your Coach is here again! This was another very tightly contested battle between three coaches but some last minute voting swayed it in the direction of one of our beloved brethren! This guy brings the whole family with him to the league!! One of our more frequent announcers and has brought us both laughter and controversy in the past! He is well know for the pre and post season reviews, it is of course Mr ………..

Bernie Buffon !!!!!!



Coach name – Bernie Buffon

Location – Hull England

Current team – Plague Ridden Cowboys

Seasons with the MML – Four I think lol

Favourite bloodbowl team – Hmm Tough One Probably The Harrelsons

Favourite other sports teams and which sport – American Football (Dallas Cowboys) Rugby League (Hull Fc) Cricket (Yorkshire) Football (Hull City/Arsenal)

Favourite bloodbowl race – Orcs there Big, there Mean and there Green

Favourite bloodbowl moment – The Plague Ridden Cowboys run to the finals in there debut season no claw or kill players we had to rely on tactics and positioning the amount of times we scraped a victory late on was amazing, the last game of the league needing a win it was 1-1 turn 15 no re rolls and my opponent had just scored somehow we managed to punch it in turn 16 and booked ourselves into the play offs just when it looked like the team had blown it. Rollercoaster emotions that game for sure.

Worst bloodbowl moment – Challenge Final. I decided that looking after my team for their debut in the pros was more important then trying to win the Challenge Final. So ended up a poor spectacle because i played it very passive something I regret. Also Shawn Michaels death to the low dirty rats of NTB he deserved a better death then getting stamped on and we have vowed to Steve Michaels the Cowboys will not rest until we get justice for Shawn. Oh and anytime it Rains!!!!

Funniest bloodbowl moment – Has to be when my son Jamie pitch cleared the Skuttle Butts because Lou Liz was announcing and turn 16 he was trying to keep it together but couldn’t stop laughing and i just thought it was hilarious, i was in tears of laughter listening to it, i remember playing that back a few times.

Describe yourself in three words – Romantic, Funny, Misunderstood

Favourite toy as a child – Anything Star Wars

Favourite cartoon as a child – Wacky Racers

Favourite band or musician – Queen, although have a soft spot for Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Favourite food – Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut

Favourite drink – Tea because I drink way too much of it lol

Favourite film – Wow This is hard Jerry Maguire, a Few Good Men are both up there as is Seven but I will go with Battle Of Britain old movie but its a classic.

Favourite book – Anything Harlen Coben writes he is amazing, will go for The Stranger as that book got me hooked onto his other books.

Favourite animal – Dog there is nothing as loyal as a dog and they are great companions and instantly become part of the family, in my eyes no better animal in the world.

Favourite place you’ve visited – Wembley Stadium when the Mighty Hull Fc won the Challenge Cup it was a great place it had an Aura around the place

Place you’d like to visit – Im not one for travelling, I like my home comforts in good old Blighty, but one place I would love to visit is America.

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know – The Name Bernie Buffon is actually the Name of my dog, but before that he was a created pro evo football player who rose to legend status in our pro evo/ Fifa Nights with the gang back in the day. Oh and I love Eurovision i know that will probably lose me any street cred in the blood bowl ranks if i actually had any but i just love it lol. I also worked for Games Workshop back in the day. Also both my sons play in the MML as well Mightychaz and JamboRambo both in the challenge league.

Any special skills/talents? Won The Dads 100 metre Race three times out of three although the missus will tell you more like 60 metres now thats pressure but retired as an undefeated champion something i make sure the family never forget lol. Very Good Dodgeball player even though im knocking on in years and very good wicket keeper(Cricket) went out doing a leicester and winning the championship so yeah sport lol.

In a movie of your life who’d play you – Tom Cruise

What’s on your bucket list – Going to America

Thank you again for your input guys, keep the votes coming in!!



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