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Well folks the votes have been counted in this first edition of Get To Know Your Coach and at the final count 8 coaches were on equal votes at the top. These coach’s names were then put a Bloodbowl helmet and one name was drawn out. That name and the coach who got grilled was ……..


The MML’s Mr Nice guy and never short of a word or sixty!  I’ve met, ate, drunk and head banged the night away with this chap and am pleased to say he is a mate and ear to bend when I need to let of steam! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the man himself …


Location –  North Yorkshire, UK.
Current team – Slaan Seers
Seasons with the MML –
I technically joined in season 4, but I think Season 5 was my first full season.
Favourite bloodbowl team –
The Amazing Skuttle Butts! – Who else? – There are many great teams out there, but the Amazing Skuttle Butts will always be the first Blood Bowl team I fanboyed!
Favourite other sports teams and which sport –
Tottenham Hotspurs – Football/Soccer
Favourite bloodbowl race – Slann
Favourite bloodbowl moment –
Wow… There are so many. I think my favourite, though, was helping to announce the season 5 championship match. It was a great match and there were four of us announcing. It was truly epic and there was a real atmosphere to that whole evening, that I think would be difficult to replicate.
Worst bloodbowl moment –
I don’t really want to admit to it, to be fair, but I think losing the Slaan Seers vs White Owlz friendly match. Not because I lost, but because I knew it meant that was the end of the White Owlz in the pro’s and the fun that I had, as a result of their presence. – But onwards and upwards! – More fun to come!
Funniest bloodbowl moment –
There are too many to list one. When a group of us, Lou, Hairy, Fnords Shots and I think Whisky Tornado were all drunk one night in a party chat and it was definately ‘Blood Bowl after dark.’ We were doing things that I definately don’t condone. We were ‘blind spinning,’ (with each other only and checking to make sure we wouldn’t cause issues in the farm channel,) and there was just a general sense of everyone being out to ‘have a laugh.’  And it was pretty funny. It reminded me of another very funny moment when Fnords was drunk announcing a game and Hairy was sat there trying to announce alongside him and to be fair that match commentary is once seen never forgotten. Also I think the ‘salt match’ which we kept trying to engineer, may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I still laugh about it now. Trip and Fnords just insulting each other throughout the match, (in good taste,) was hilarious.
Describe yourself in three words –
Loyal, Respectful and Caring.
Favourite toy as a child –
My original Optimus Prime, (transformers,) toy. I still have it in a display case, because I loved it so much!
Favourite cartoon as a child –
Transformers. I still love  the Transformers. One of the highlights of my week as a child was running to the local shop to pick up my Transformers comic. But I loved the Transformers cartoon and the movie.
Favourite band or musician –
Alice Cooper. My favourite song is ‘Poison.’ – An absolute classic. I have had the best of times and the worst of times, when that song was being played. It was probably overplayed a lot when I was at university, which is probably why it was playing at various seminal points in my life. I also found out, at uni, that if I put the song on and put some eggs in a pan, and then danced around the kitchen like a thing possessed, by the time I was done I would have perfect soft boiled eggs. I have seen Alice Cooper live, twice, which is not enough.
Favourite food –
So many. I do like good eating. I think that is an overhang of the fact I was brought up in a farming family and we had lots of great ‘home grown’ food. But, I think my absolute favourite food is Lobster Thermidor. – Sounds a bit pretentious I know, and I wished I was dining on it every night, but probably only manage it a few times in a year. Living in a town famous for it’s fishing industry also does help in making the availability a little better than may otherwise be the case, I guess.
Favourite drink –
Any really good quality brandy, as long as it is served properly, in a heated glass.
Favourite film –
Unforgiven – A brilliant Wild West film, starring and directed by Clint Eastwood. The shootout scene at the end is a thing of beauty, to me, with some absolutely classic lines.
Favourite book –
Dune, by Frank Herbert. There are some odd reasons why I love that book so much, but I think I will save those.
Favourite animal –
The Frost hounds. – Beautiful Cane Corso’s which are my beloved companions. – And I won’t choose one specifically over the other, despite one not behaving entirely as I would like, at the time of writing.
Favourite place you’ve visited –
I am going to go off kilter a bit here and say Rock City in Nottingham. I have been a few times and hope that I will go again. I know it is not especially exotic, but is the place where I have one of my fondest memories of all time. I probably should elaborate, but again, I am afraid there are some things that I maybe don’t need to reveal.
Place you’d like to visit –
I really want to visit Murica. To visit the old sites of the Wild West. I would struggle to identify a specific place, but I think Deadwood, has always been a place I would like to just see. Where Wild Bill Hickock met his demise. Sounds gruesome I know, but I would just like to get an idea of the place, above and beyond what I have read, seen in images and imagined.
Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know –
I have a secret love of karaoke. I am absolutely terrible at singing, but in my town where I live I know pretty much all the guys that run karaoke nights. They will normally let me, at the right times which I will normally basically scream through the microphone. I quite enjoy shocking people with it, which is clearly, as it should be, a guilty pleasure. I am often called to sing the last song of the night in an effort to speed up the clearing of pubs.
Any special skills/talents? –
I am not sure I have any really interesting skills or talents, to be fair. I used to play the trumpet, badly, I tried to learn magic and sucked at it and I sing badly, as I said. I certainly have no talents that I would want to take onto a tv show like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ if that is what this question is getting at.
In a movie of your life who’d play you –
I think Martin Clunes. (I realise a lot of the community might not know who he is, but google exists, right?) There is no really good reason, except that at various times people have said he looks like me. – I personally can’t see it.
What’s on your bucket list –
I don’t actually have one as such. I am relatively content, to be fair. Sure there are things I would like to do and may well try to make them happen, but can honestly say that were I to ‘kick the bucket’ tomorrow I would be able to do so knowing I had done a lot of the things that I wanted to do already.- Man that sounds really arrogant, but is not intended to be so. – Of course there is always more. This could also, of course, mean I am just severely lacking ambition. I would like to visit the Murica’s, I would like watch my nephews and niece reach adulthood and I would like to eventually retire to Edinburgh, where a lot of my really close friends still live. I have some career minded bucket list-like items that I won’t put in here, but which are really important to me, but interestingly they are more about helping other people achieve their dreams, than fulfilling any of my own. Like I say, there are things I would like to do, but I am sure I won’t cry about it if I don’t manage to fit them in. –  Of course to, perhaps, not finish on that note and to turn it around to the MML community I would like to see the Amazing Skuttle Butts achieve their rightful place as MML champs and I would like to beat Stu in a Pro or CL game, just once!  – Is that too much to ask? (And I think I know the answer is ‘yes!’) I would also quite like to get a chance to play some LE and am looking forward to it eventually coming out.


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  1. Brilliant article. Great idea Hairy and thank you Jofro for sharing with us 😃 Well done to the pair of ya .

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