Glorious Domination

“What a glorious domination! No chance for elves!” these or similar words were on everybody’s lips when Dream Wild was doing their thing on the pitch. And still, on their way towards championship, before each game there were mutterings “I can’t see triperis winning this one”, “I like them, but XXX is just too experienced”. Your Spike! magazine correspondent was of the same opinion. Dream Wild were just a human team, completely average.

Spike! magazine would like to congratulate Dream Wild and their coach triperis (who may or may not be affiliated with Spike! magazine) with successful campaign on taking the crown of Mead and Mayhem League! For many, this success came out of the blue. Coach triperis certainly did some underhanded things to promote more visibility for the team and increase revenue. As a result, the team was looked as people who do not know what they are talking, and failing to produce anything. Coming into season with just 1 Pro win, some people saw that as sore reminder of how much Dream Wild actually accomplished.

After I sat down with the coach of new champions, I asked “How can this be? How can a team with just 1 Pro win, go and take championship next season?”. I noticed cheeky glimmer in triperis eyes. “Well, would you think a skaven team with 3 gutter runners would be good? How about 1 Wardancer for Wood Elves?” It turns out, the entry season was just a big ruse. Dream Wild lost a blitzer early and never replaced it. Why? triperis acknowledged that while losing a blitzer was not planned, early emergence of Aaron Ramshagey (ST4AGI4 blitzer –  ed.) in Dream Wild’s feeder club forced Dream Wild to field 3 blitzers at most, if not less. “It’s not the size of the key, which unlocks doors, but the shape”, – coach triperis said. For a moment I stopped to think about this. And indeed, as I listed most prominent teams I could remember in Mead and Mayhem League, I could now understand why high Team Value or past glory alone did not win championship for any of them…

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  1. I was inspired by the most recent podcast to come back and check this out…. Great article…Glorious Domination.

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