“Ok now I am Mitiaeathel the wardancer and you are Ethedeorn the catcher” said Iltath picking up the leather football and pointing a finger towards the pathway in the middle of the forest.

A big smile appeared on the face of the young elf standing in front of him. Dhazla was Iltath’s best friend. He had light green eyes, long pointed ears spouting from his blonde hairs and was a little short for an elf child of his age. His face was all painted in red and yellow, the colours of the Spellsingers. Iltath was taller than his friend, he had long red hairs, deep brown eyes and the same red and yellow painting on his face. They always fainted their face like that when they went to see the Spellsingers training.

“Hey Jim, look at Ethedeorn the catcher as he sprints down the left side of the field” shouted Iltath, imitating the loud voice of the Cabal Vision commentator as Dhazla run down the left side of the trail moving left and right among the trees.

“Oh no Bob, look at those two fearsome Black Orcs, they want to tackle him…” Iltath screamed in a higher voice as the other elf squeezed in the gap between two enormous oaks “…but with a masterful dodge Ethedeorn is now free to run to the endzone!”

“Hey Jim, it seems like Mitiaeathel the wardancer is finally going for the touchdown pass!” said Iltath pulling back his right arm while aiming at his friend with the left hand.

“An incredibly accurate long bomb, Bob!” he shouted again as the ball flew straight to the hands of Dhazla “…and a masterful catch too, Jim, but looks like that ugly Orc Blitzer is coming in for a last second sack!”

Dhazla turned right and crossed the path pointing directly towards a big mulberry bush on the other side.

“Look Bob, it seems like Ethedeorn wants to leap over the Orc for the win” Iltath begun to run towards the bush too, smiling as his friend jumped over the bush to land on grass on the other side with a flip.

“And he made it, Jim! TOUCHDOWN Ethedeorn! TOUCHDOWN for the Spellsingers!”

Dhazla spun the ball over one of his fingers. The two young elves celebrated the touchdown with a victory dance and roared together imitating the noise of a big crowd. “The Loec Song Stadium celebrates another victory for the Spellsingers!”

“Another victory for the Spellsingers…” Iltath said to Dhazla with a shiver “…next match will be a MML Reborn League game and won’t be so easy, it won’t be a child’s play nor a training game as the one we just saw”.

“Another victory for the Spellsingers!” shouted Dhazla raising both hands over his heads with a big smile.

“Go Spellsingers!” Iltath smiled too and the Spellsingers stadium chants echoed in the forest as the two young elves run home.



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