At the end of season debriefing session the mood was sombre, as the list of defeats and near misses were scrutinised over and over.  Especially when the replay machine got stuck in a loop showing the untimely demise of Meatball. Everybody in the room wincing every time the image of big guy hit the ground motionless. The back-room staff worked frantically to fix the machine only to have it skip to the image of the much-loved chaos warrior Dhaos having his lights punched out for good.

“Enough, Enough”, Shouted the coach “turn that useless contraption Off” as he made his way to the front of the auditorium.

“I think we should put the season behind us and look to the next, concentrate on the positive’s and double the efforts on the training ground.”

“yes we have lost two key players but these have been replaced by Podge and Redgut and yes I Know Redgut has picked up a niggle, but both have settled in to the team”

Bigbadger felt a bit of encouragement as he spoke these words and whilst looking around the audience seeing the nods of affirmation, he continued trying to instil a bit more self-belief in to his battered team.

“we have achieved, with 2 wins and a draw more than last season”

which brought a few chuckles from the crowd, since they all knew that they didn’t get any points the previous season having not even drawn a game.

“we have no players missing for the first game”

This brought a few more cheers 

“and our sponsors have released some funds to bring in a player or two”

At hearing this the team started whooping and hollering with cheers and much snorting.

The coach then brought them to order and told them what he wanted them to concentrate on whilst he would be leaving in the morning to go scout out some new players and spend some money.

With a smile on his face, he felt that the team was finally on his side and as he made his way out he uttered the words


The response was instant and unanimous.

“Ra Ra”

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