Gob lobbing and Bomb dropping!

It had been a long hard season so far for coach Girth.
Captured and forced to coach a band of crazed gobbos, he had grown to appreciate their special ‘brand’ of bloodbowl-a mixture of insane fearlessness combined with equal parts stupidity and brutality- but unfortunately it had not been enough to translate to a winning formula as yet.
Some positives could be seem though in a first win against a fearsome Ogre team, and whilst not always getting the best results some moments of ‘Gob-lobbing’ had shone through and the wild chucking of bombs was certainly entertaining and well feared-by opponents and gobbos alike!!

While Girth still had thoughts of escape he was somewhat glassy eyed at the thought of his final matchup of the season -a match with the experienced dwarf coach Dio now in charge of an undead horde.
With memories flowing back of his beloved ex thespian’s he could not help but wonder what could have been..

Oi! Coach!

L.J.Larry shouted as he pogoed into the office.
Tex is back and fightin with Da Bomb!Youz best sort itz out!

With a sigh Girth hurried to break up the brawl-perhaps its for the best he thought-the past should be left in the past…
…for now.