Goblin Gambling Says Hello.

Written by Geff Kleese.

I was talking with Coach Chase about the upcoming season, when two goblins dressed in more bling then Zug walked into the office. One introduced himself as Gob Gamb, the other as Lin Ling. Gob Gamb said we are from Goblin Gambling; you thought being put in the Goblin Gambling Bowl vs The Titans was a coincidence? We slipped mad cap mushrooms into your teams pre-game drink vs the Kru, how else did you think you survived them? Truth is Goblin Gambling was responsible for everything that happened to you in season 6, you saw what happened when we helped, you saw what happened when we sabotaged you. Lin Ling piped up saying join us or feel the wrath of Goblin Gambling. as soon as Lin Ling finished Coach Chase roared GET OUT OF BLISS BEFORE I HAVE YOU THROWN OUT. The goblins replied you were warned and left.

The next day…..

Coach Chase walked onto the training field and addressed the team. As we have voted on, this is the last season Solus will set foot in the pros, it has been a honor to coach you over these 3 seasons. The playoffs are our goal but most importantly we will make this a season for the mml to remember. The norsemen who made up Solus roared in their approval and went back to practice. As coach Chase was leaving Miko, the teams apothecary, told me and Chase, the goblins stole our archives including the final episode of The Art of Norse.

Well played goblins well played…..


  1. Just when you thought the gobbos couldn’t get any worse. Now they are picking on our Norse. Doesn’t seem fair… doesn’t seem fair at all.

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