Greased Up Dead Guy

This was no longer fun. The boys of the Bellringers clearly understood the magic and chemistry of a band of drunken bar patrons raucously bashing heads and playing BloodBowl while chasing down a ninny elf, well, was fading.

They stood there and looked down after their most recent crushing defeat to the Goons. There lied the body of Milton the Mad. Milton was the team’s most vicious player. As recently as two weeks ago he recorded 3 major injuries and a dead of an opponent in a single game. Even this game, before he died, a mighty Orc Blitzer was injured by his hand.

Some say it was his beard or runic tattoos that gave him power. The Bellringers all knew it was something more dear to their heart. Before each game, Milton the Mad would lather himself up with the grease from the rune encrusted machina that was used to fry up the chicken legs in the kitchen of Bugman’s Beer Horn, the teams home tavern. It was this grease and all the joy of feasting drunken at the tavern that inspired Milton they say.

Looking down upon the body of this greased up dead guy, Coach Magoo knew something had to be done before the team disbanded to go back on another binge. He tapped team Captain Kronar Kruetzman on the shoulder and insisted he speak. Alas, before he could speak up, bar owner Brosef Bugman himself stepped up to lead the rally.

“BOYS!! Look Alive. I know we have lost a few good mates this season. Aye, Aye that is sad indeed. . .but a dwarf should live a jovial life and have a jovial funeral too! There is nothing more Milton would want more than a feast with all the folks of the mountain, at the Beer Horn with an open tab and a buffet to feed a kingdom. Now lads, I know ye just want to go home and enjoy a pint and forget this silly game. . .but the Beer Horn can’t put on a party like that after Larry stiffed his tab and went and died before we could get him, thanks to the filthy Woodlings of SRO. We are going to have a glorious pyre for our brothers but that bar tab aint gonna pay itself!!!” Brosef roared

“HUZZAH” yelled the team

“Weve got to go back out there and play for something more than fun this time. We have got to remember what brought us here. Sure it is fun crackin heads and scoring touchdowns, but we came for a GRUDGE. Now that grudge was taken from us just like Milton here. This week we play SRO. Our Grudge lies with them now, and breaking elves is what we came into this hogwash of a league for anyways!!”

“HUZZAH!!!” The team cried out once more.

“Now lets gear up to do what we love most, drink and break some elves. We have some debts to settle with these dirty Woodlings. Now here is a round on me, drink up and wipe your eyes ya blathering fools. We have a grudge to settle, some elves to kill and a tab to recover. Besides if we win, we might even make the playoffs. . .and if we make the playoffs, we might even earn enough gold to go back and have that open bar and fancy feast fried up in his favorite grease. Now that, that old Milton would be proud of. . .”

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